The Full Cycle Phenology Project brings together a group of diverse and uniquely qualified collaborators from Boise State University, the American Kestrel Partnership, HawkWatch International, St. Mary’s University, Environmental Laboratory of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center, and the University of California, Los Angeles. This project will combine cutting edge genetic techniques and a large-scale collaboration of professional and citizen scientists across the western hemisphere to find out more about migratory connectivity, population change, and the impacts of climate change on the American Kestrel and other migratory birds.


Boise State University

Dr. Julie Heath, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Anjolene Hunt, Research Project Manager, Department of Biological Sciences

Michaela Brinkmeyer, MS student (Raptor Biology), Department of Biological Sciences

Jason Winiarski, PhD student (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior), Department of Biological Sciences

Kathleen Callery, MS student (Raptor Biology), Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Nancy Glenn, Professor, Department of Geosciences

Dr. Alejandro Flores, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences

Dr. Matthew Kohn, University Distinguished Professor, Department of Geosciences

American Kestrel Partnership

Dr. Christopher McClure, Director of Global Conservation Science, The Peregrine Fund

Dr. Sarah Schulwitz, Director of the American Kestrel Partnership, The Peregrine Fund

Hawkwatch International

Dr. Dave Oleyar, Senior Scientist
doleyar and m amke

Neil Paprocki, Conservation Biologist

Jesse Watson, Research Biologist

University of California, Los Angeles

Dr. Kristen Ruegg, Assistant Adjunct Professor



Jasmine Rajbhandary, Collections Coordinator

Environmental Laboratory of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Dr. Richard Fischer, Research Wildlife Biologist

St. Mary’s University

Dr. Benjamin Pauli, Assistant Professor


Dr. Clint Boal, Texas Tech University
Dr. Russell Dawson, University of Northern British Columbia 
Dr. Karl Miller, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Dr. Jill Morrow and Lance Morrow 

Dr. Joel Pagel and Scott Thomas
Ted Swem, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Dr. Jean-François Therrien, Hawk Mountain Sancturary
Dr. Rich Van Buskirk, Pacific University

We partner with an amazing network of professional and citizen scientists from across the western hemisphere (See map below for our 2016 feather and blood sample contributors).  See how you can Get Involved!


This map shows locations from which we have received feather samples (blue circles) and blood samples (red circles) in 2016. We welcome samples from all areas, but if you live in one of the states, provinces, or territories without any samples, WE URGENTLY NEED YOUR HELP!

 Feather Contributors

Abbe Richardson,  Alex Paiement, Alexandra Pesano, Andrew Vitz, Anthony Hill, Art Gingert, Austin Lester, Bill Clark, Bill Pitts, Bill Ralph, Brad Tripp, Bryce Robinson, Casey Weissburg, Catherine Lindell, Clint Boal, Don McCartney, Douglas A. Bell, Dr. Jeff Smith, Ed Pike, Emily Spark, Eric Chabot, Erica Miller, Francesco Simeone, Gary Fowler, Gary Santolo, Golden Gate Raptor Observatory, HawkWatch International, Jacque Williamson, Janet Eschenbauch, Jared Clarke, Jean-Francois Therrien, Jerry Toll, Jesse Watson, Jill and Lance Morrow, Jim Anderson, Jim Bednarz, Jim Watson, Joe Tomcho, Joel Pagel, Scott Thomas, Joey Mason, John Smallwood, Jordan Terrell, Karl Miller, Kate Fleming, Ken Hashagen, Kenneth Jacobson, Knox Martin, Krysta Rogers, Kurt Licence, Kyle McCarty, Lisbeth A. Harris, Lucky Peak-Intermountain Bird Observatory, Mark Conway, Mark Hopey, Matthew Stuber, Matthieu Tetreault, Mike Shaw, Mitchell Warne, Nick Kerlin, Patricia Latas, Paulette Epple, Rich Van Buskirk, Rick Onskie, Robert G. Thobaben Jr., Ross Crandall, Russ Dawson, Ruth Stephens, Samantha Matchefts, Sarah Schulwitz, Scott Kimball, Scott Shively, Sebastian Lousada, Selena Creed, TC Walker, Ted Swem, Thomas May, Tim Kita, Todd Katzner, Tom Hudson, Tom Sayers, Walter Sakai, Will Britton, Zach Smith


The Department of Defense’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program

Crowd-sourced funding

This research would not be possible without the generous donations that got our project started! THANK YOU for donating to make this project a reality. See the full list of GoFundMe donors here

Boise State University’s Raptor Research Center

Feature photo by Anjolene Hunt