The American Kestrel breeding season is well underway and kestrel researchers, citizen scientists, and wildlife rehabbers from across the U.S. and Canada have been diligently collecting feather samples to create the American Kestrel Genoscape.


It has been fantastic to connect with people working with kestrels across their breeding range, and we are excited to learn more about the different breeding populations from Alaska down to Florida, and from coast to coast across the continental U.S. and Canada! In 2017, we have had 28 feather contributers sign up from 16 states, and 5 Canadian provinces, bringing our total sampling area to 24 states, and 5 provinces from 2016-2017 (see map below).

Although we have had a great show of support and feather sample contributers, we are still in need of feather samples, particularly from the Midwest (see map below). If you work with kestrels in this area, please SIGN UP to contribute feather samples. We have little information about kestrels in this region, which may use different migratory flyways and wintering locations than eastern or western populations.

This map shows locations where we have feather sample contributers (2016: blue dots, 2017: orange dots).
We welcome samples from all locations, but if you work with kestrels in an areas without dots, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please SIGN UP to contribute feathers, or see our GET INVOLVED page to find out more. 

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